Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Do you know Chief Ejemu of Aran-Orin has come and gone, but his memory will never be forgotten in the historical event of Aran-orin? We may have our different perspective on his life story which may either be negative or positive, but some people see has someone who blocked the progress of his town and the entire Igbomina land in Kwara state, while some see him as political frontier for his community and Igbomina land.

He is dead now, so let us reason together even if is the blockage to the progress, do we realise that there is nobody in front as politician in Aran-Orin, who can stand for us, who is capable of defending the interest of our people and that will do what people want? I have never seen the man on the picture of people I am looking at but I beleive one thing that God will send the messiah who we help the people of Aran-orin.

The politics of violence like the one witnessed on November 1, 2007 will never produce unity and progress in Aran-orin. Therefore, why don't we use Obama and Hilary Clinton as example when Obama won primary election? Immediately it was announced that Obama won, Hilary Clinton declared her support for him., That is the kind of politics we need in Aran-Orin.

If Mr A joins AC and Mr B joins PDP you need to remember that both of you are working for the progress of Aran-orin. It is never too late to take the correction now in other not to repeat what has happened in the last election in Aran-orin. We can not all go in one direction in other not to loose all.

Everything has been said to promote unity, progress and good politics. What we need is AN honest, dedicated, sefless and true leader that will listen to the cry of his people and do the will of the people wHich is the will of God.


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