Saturday, October 18, 2008


This life is what some people thought is a place to play game. That is why football was created/designed as a match with 11 players playing against another 11 players.

Life is a place some believe you can achiev what you have worked for.

Life is where money favours some lazy creature who just turn simple thing to money oriented.

Life is where some believe that one has to play politics. That is why some kills in other to get power in political system.

Life is a ludo game where 2 or more people play to have fun.

All this is to know what we are. Whatever we, as indigens, do that will not glorify our blessed town, Aran-Orin should be stopped. Chief Ejemu is gone, no matter what we think of him, the memory of his life, good or bad, will remain unchanged.

Politics is a game for development not for destruction. Therefore, I am appealing to all the indigens of Aran-Orin to plesae always shun violence not only in politics but on all works of life that can put development on hold.

The legend is gone, some people see him as father while some see him as just elder who did not remember to keep promise.

In all that we do, let us always remember that our own time we never pass death. Death is inevitable, we can not aviod it.

Take this as a blessed food from heaven.

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