Friday, April 23, 2010


All sons and daughters of Aran-Orin, there is an urgent need to educate our parents on the need to work together to make Aran-Orin great. It seems we are occupying the back seat in the scheme of things in Ajodun district right now. We do know Rome was not built in a day, but we must have goals and work tirelessly to achieve them if we must remain relevant in this modern day. The issue of chieftancy, whether iwarefa or iwarewa, should be a concern to all, so that meaningful progress can be made which is only possible where UNITY exists. Let us all address this issue objectively without sentiments.

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Kolawole Azeez said...

This is very serious, good work I really appreciate this idea. Much more to your elbow Lawrence. Unity is all what we need to strive in Aran orin. We are still leaving on past glory and this should stop. Everybody will needs to come down and rally round for the betterment of the unborn. The rate at which Aran Orin is deteriorating is beyond thinking. I am using this medium to call on all well wishers that are indigenes of Aran Orin to come together to pledge a better sustainable and comfortable life for all by rendering one assistance or the other to ourselves to attain a height.