Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Were are you

On 5 and 6th of November 2008 is unforgetteable day in the historyn of Aran-Orin that is the day chief Ejemo of Aran-orin Abidoye John was finally burie at his home resident at Aran-orin,the occassion witness many dignity in the kwara state ,one of them is the Kwara state Gov Bukola Saraki and others from the state.In short the day will remain the mind of many indigene of Aran-Orin but if that attention is pay to his home land when hE was alive them Aran-Orin could have be the major town in kwara state today.
Well one thing i know is that we are still expecting the masSiah in the towm could it be you please work towards it.
Again Bukola Saraki Kwara state Gov spent 6million for Ejemu burial ceremony and then gave his wife 10 million naira has compensation.He also promised to immortalise John Abidoye by taring Aran-Orin road.Once again governor promises for how many year would they promissing we are expecting "sha",i hope they we do it this time.you to pray over it,that road is a disgrace to our integrity.


saraf said...

i m very happy to see this website

Anonymous said...

May God purnish your family for this misinformation.