Thursday, November 6, 2008


November 4th 2008 is a day that everybody in the world would like to remember in

their history book, i mean the day America decide to choose their president.i know

clearly Barack Obama has set history for it self and his family, is the first black man

the become an America president his the one that fulfill Martin Luther king prohecy

that people we not be judged with thier colour but with the contect of their character.
What we shoul all learn from this is the ability to accept defeat as Mccain show to us

in America
Aran-Orin as always be a battle ground were political party see the opponet as their

enemy,if is true that we are all working for development of our dearly town then the

issues of using cultlas or magical belt or gun to face our self during election is not the WYA

way we should play polities in Aran-orin.I am using this opportunity to apeal to all the

agreve party in the town to come back and rethink that violent can not solve any

problem in the saiD town,let us use America as our lesson were president election is

held without violent .


Colour of the skin
And they decide to vote for their choice by selecting who we lead them,meanind selecting change over experience

do you understand how this people feel with passion ,love ,happy and understand

.if you are not watching the process from Civic Centre in Victoria Island

in Lagos you are missing
i went to cover the eevent from civic center at victoria Island and also from Oranmiyan

at Airport hotel Lgos is as fun as it is.
Please let us work together to develop Aran-Orin Alale Aran yio Gba e wa o

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