Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boko Haram: 'I cannot grant amnesty to ghost' - GEJ

Nigeria cannot grant amnesty to terrorist group Boko Haram until its members come out from the shadows, President Goodluck Jonathan said on Thursday during his first state visit to the northeastern region worst hit by the group's insurgency.
Jonathan has been criticized for not going sooner to Yobe and Borno states, where hundreds have died since Boko Haram intensified its conflict with security forces two years ago.
"Some people are comparing Boko Haram with the Niger Delta but, in Niger Delta if you call them (militants), they will come out. But the Boko Haram don't and we can't grant amnesty to ghosts," Jonathan said during his one day visit. "I cannot talk about amnesty with Boko Haram now until they come out and show themselves."
The Sultan of Sokoto suggested this week members of Boko Haram should be offered an amnesty, similar to the one given to militants in the oil-producing Niger Delta in 2009.
The delta amnesty deal pulled thousands of armed youths out of the creeks and almost wiped out militant attacks on oil pipelines, which had choked off Africa's biggest oil industry. However, oil theft, piracy and kidnappings have continued.

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