Monday, April 23, 2012




Nigerians all over the world have been reacting to the recent subsidy removal by the government resulting in more than doubling of pump price of the commodity. At this point, it is necessary to take a dispassionate look at the issues in the oil subsidy debate.[/B]

On Vision for Greater Nigeria

[B][B][B][B]Things have already gone bad in Nigeria decades ago; what we are seeking is a way out. No one knows it all. When you have many ways not well enough under the circumstances you chose the best. Leadership responsibility is to guide not to stop people from what they chose to do. Subsidy removal is the least suffering Nigeria will face to get back to her feet and that is the way I see it within my own limitation of vision. That is why I support it well above others. That is, believing that our collective vision is to get back to our feet! [/B][/B][/B][/B]

“Mr. President is deeply touched also by the pains that citizens are going through because of the temporary jump in the prices of petroleum products, as well as of transportation in most parts of the country. Mr. President therefore called the emergency meeting to expedite action on measures to alleviate these pains which citizens are going through. “He made it very clear that as President of Nigeria, his role is to ensure that the welfare of Nigerians as well as the growth and development of this country becomes his major goals and that is exactly what he is pursuing. Mr. President therefore told members of council of measures already, particularly to address the issue of mass transit in the country, in order to bring down the cost of transport fares as well as to alleviate the pains and discomfort that citizens are facing now.”

“Mr. President urged Nigerians to appreciate the difficulties this nation is going through, particularly in the economy. As FEC, “we are not here to punish Nigerians, we are from the people, we know the discomfort that is going on right now, we totally empathize with Nigerians and we want to reassure the people that the measures that have been taken is for the greater good of the people of Nigeria and citizens”. Nigerians should also watch in the next couple of weeks how government is going to move quickly to implement the various activities from the subsidy reinvestment and empowerment

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