Sunday, January 30, 2011


Fellow Brothers and Sisters,
On behalf of myself and members of the executives of APU, I want to appreciate all sons and daughters of our God’s own town (Aran Orin), home and broad for the overwhelming confidence reposed in us by choosing us to run the affairs of APU for the next two years. We thank you for the supports and words of encouragements that have been extended to us (from home and abroad) in these few days we came into office. We know we may not be the most qualified for the enormous responsibility being put on us at these time but we want to assure you that we would give our best to uplift the course of our collective inheritance and justify the confidence you repose in us.
We also want to acknowledge the efforts and immense contributions of the founders of APU and those that contributed to the continuous existence and relevance of the union in the affairs of the town. These notables sons and daughters, many of who are our fathers and mothers gave their resources sacrificially for the upliftment of the town. No doubt that their names would never be gotten in the history of APU and Aran-Orin. We cannot mention them all, but with a sense of pride and gratitude, we recall the fond memory of Pa Adeoye, Pa Jetawo, Engr. Adeoti, Mr. Ezekiel Owolabi, Mr. Francis Ajibowo, Mr. Ajibade, Mr. Awayino Owolabi, etc who are now late. We also recall with the same sense of pride and gratitude the efforts and contributions of Alh. Azeez Ibuowo Ajiboye, Engr. J.B. Abolarin, Alh. Musa Atolagbe, JOK Abolarin, Pastor Adeniyi, JK Babalola, MD Jetwao, the Afolayans, Engr. Yeji Adeoye etc. We pray that their good works for the town would continue to linger on in the memory of many generations to come.
Our vision:
We have a vision. The vision that will impact positively on our town. Collectively we have a responsibility to deliver this vision. The world over has long been clamouring for a paradigm shift of ideas and implementation. Leadership are been entrusted to younger generations, not necessarily because the old are tired or ineffective, but because the world is in a jet age, and it is only the youths that can generate the speed of a jet. We have made wide consultations with our people both young and old regardless of education status and religion. We are bonded by the same blood flowing in our veins. In spite of our wide consulation, your advice to effect positive and progressive development in our town would always be appreciated. Therefore, on behalf of my team, the Executives of APU, l enjoin everyone of you us to please feel free to make meaningful contributions that will bring the envisaged results.
The members of the executive of APU would be meeting soon to hold an intensive and more involving deliberations. We would be coming up shortly with our goals for the union and the town. I can assure you on behalf of my executive that you would be proud of our plans for APU. In a nutshell, the summary of our vision is: PROGRESS, PROGRESS, PROGRESS …. in all aspects for all and sundry, yes for all our people and beloved town.
Lastly, I challenge the youths to rise up to the clarion call. This is your time. Your own the future. I challenge you to start taking charge of the future right now. You are full energy and wonderful ideas, you have travelled and seen how things are done in other places. You are not ignorant. Yes, you have knowledge. We trust you, we believe in you. Take charge and be part of this paradigm shift.
Meanwhile, I earnestly canvass for your unalloyed supports for us. Without your supports, we can do nothing. We need your intense prayers for wisdom in our deliberations and implementations, journey mercies as we travel to attend to APU’s matters and the favour of God and man as we call for government attentions to some things that are lacking in the town. We also canvass for your good wishes at all times. Lastly, when the need arises, which we know it would, we canvass for your financial supports which may be sacrificial atimes. We assure you of our integrity in whatever (your confidence, material and financial supports) you entrust into our hands for the course of the town.
God bless all the sons and daughters of Aran - Orin
God bless Kwara State
God bless Nigeria.

Thank you.

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