Monday, June 16, 2008


I was watching a TV programme, Kwara state Governor, Bukola Saraki is the guest on the programme. The presenter asked him that, 'when was the day you went through traumatic hell?' Here his reply, 'I was coming from United state of America, the car I was driven with had a flat tire on third mainland Bride'. Imagine that statement. This mean he has never gone through any tough time before. Oga Governor sir, we are going through hell in Aran-Orin, poverty is not what someone can pray for. Provide job for our youth, please. We do not have access to drinkable water, our schools need more bulding because the existing ones are collapsing expecially, the Aran-Orin primary school, and we need computer systems in the schools so that our people/children can join technological development. It is necessary to let you know sir, that there is no good road and our hospital needs drugs, doctors and other medical/hospital facilties like motor ambulance for any emergency case.

These and many more are our truamatic hell. We wish you come to our aid quickly.

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